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Japanese dishes are known all over the world not only for their taste but also for their beneficial properties.
People order traditional sushi for family dinners, and friendly get-togethers and eat during breaks.
Against the backdrop of the widespread use of Japanese cuisine, the question arises: Can children eat sushi?

All connoisseurs of this food know that sushi is varied and prepared in different ways, usually from different types of fish products. In general, depending on the ingredients, Asian food can be either very healthy or unhealthy for children.

How not make a mistake in choosing and ordering delicious and healthy children's rolls?

Here you will find answers to your questions.

Is raw fish good or bad for a child?

Raw fish is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. However, on the other hand, many people associate its consumption with the risk of bacteria and parasites.

If you are in doubt whether it is worth giving your child raw fish meat, then remember that it is not the product itself that is dangerous, but its improper storage or preparation.

Compliance with hygiene rules and the use of high-quality, fresh products in cooking reduces the risk of infection to zero.
If you are in doubt whether children can eat sushi or not, look at the Japanese, they eat raw seafood from an early age while becoming stronger and healthier.

Attention: The children's menu should be without soy sauce or hot wasabi. forget about squid and oysters in the composition of the dish.

Benefits of Nori

Nori seaweed is a complex of minerals and vitamins. But the most important element contained in nori is iodine, which should be present in the diet of both children and adults. So now you can safely add nori to their menu.

When can a child start eating sushi?

The children's menu is a complex topic. Pediatricians recommend not to give the baby anything else in the first six months of life. From the seventh month, boiled white rice can be given, and from 10-11 months it is allowed to introduce boiled or baked foods into the diet. The child's body is ready to accept raw salmon or tuna only after 5 years, which means that classic sushi should not be given to them until 5 years. Give sushi to children only if you are sure of the quality and freshness of the ingredients.
If you are still afraid to give your child fish without heat treatment, there are dozens of roll options that will not cause digestive problems, while allowing you to try something new and interesting.

Here are some types of sushi that are suitable for children:

Kappa maki

This sushi is made with cucumber, rice, nori, and sesame seeds. It is a popular dish in Japanese restaurants. This kid-friendly sushi variant is a great introduction to a world of varied flavors.

Cheese maki

This sushi is made with rice, nori, and cream cheese. If your child loves cheese, you may also want to consider this option.

Greek rolls

This sushi is made with rice, nori, cream cheese, bell pepper, and dill. This dish is distinguished by its original presentation and bright colors, thanks to which children eat with pleasure.

So - You have the answer to the main question.

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