Why is wasabi and ginger served with sushi?

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Today, probably everyone, without exception, knows what sushi is, how they are prepared, and how they should be eaten. Rolls and sushi are very popular in the modern world. They have interesting colors, styles, many types, and a wide range of combinations.

In any sushi bar or restaurant, you will definitely be served pickled ginger and wasabi with sushi and rolls.
Visitors have long been accustomed to this and do not even think why they are served with a dish.

Many believe that ginger and wasabi help to bring out the unique taste of fish dishes to the fullest.
They sharpen the taste, give a spicy tinge, help to feel the flavors of the national cuisine, and preserve the traditions of eating sushi.

It's true, but that's just one of the reasons. After all, it's not just about tradition.

The fact is that they have strong antimicrobial properties that protect the body when eating rolls and other oriental dishes. Ginger and wasabi served with raw fish make food safer.

Wasabi and ginger also have many additional benefits:

Processed ginger is comparable in composition to fresh root. This contains:
- Vitamins A, C, and B
- minerals: salts of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc - amino acids

Wasabi has an equally rich composition.
- vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C
- amino acids: thiamine, niacin, folic acid
- minerals: protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper

The beneficial properties of ginger do not end with its antiseptic properties, it also has:

- Unique essential oils aimed at enhancing the sense of smell
- Has a calming effect, relieves nervous tension
- Helps fight colds, strengthens the immune system - Good effect on digestion, liver, lowers cholesterol
- Helps digest food faster

After many studies, wasabi has been found to have various unique properties, namely:

- It helps fight tooth decay because it contains substances that kill harmful bacteria that destroy teeth
- Wasabi prevents blood clots
- It's a great remedy for asthma.
- Helps to block the reproduction of cancer cells, sometimes even neutralizing them

Pickled ginger

Pickled ginger is one of the main ingredients in sushi and rolls.
The use of ginger has its own form.
A piece of pickled ginger is placed on a roll or sushi, which is first dipped in soy sauce.

A piece of sour ginger plays another important role. It can help get rid of the taste of rolls or sushi by being fully prepared for tasting food before trying another dish.

Wasabi and ginger are served in small bowls.

Soy sauce is also used to complement the flavor of sushi. Many people like to mix three ingredients and dip sushi in the resulting juice, but Japanese chefs are against this, especially when mixing wasabi with soy sauce.
According to them, each seasoning has its own purpose, and using the whole bunch together can spoil the true taste of sushi.

As you can see, the benefits of these two irreplaceable ingredients of Japanese cuisine are many. In addition to the exceptional taste, without which it is difficult to imagine Japanese cuisine, they have many beneficial properties for the body.
This once again proves that Japanese cuisine is one of the most delicious and loved by people.

With love, Sunny Sushi

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