What type of wine to choose for sushi?

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Sushi is one of those delicacies that have taken the world by storm in recent years.

The Japanese-born dish consists of raw fish wrapped in dishes such as common seaweed and rice.

It may not sound like one of the most delicious meals in the world. But when you try, you understand that good sushi is a taste sensation, you want to discover all their varieties and possible combinations with other dishes or, why not, with drinks.
When we talk about sushi, we usually talk about all the dishes inspired by Japanese traditions.

And of course, you also need to consider that in Japan these dishes are considered part of the culture and art. Therefore, it is a good idea to pair these unique dishes with a quality drink.

Wine is one of the best choices. And how to combine together?
Sushi and wine go well together when you know how.
While you might think that sushi should be paired with sake, there are many interesting types of wine that are just as enjoyable.

How to create the right combination of sushi and wine?

When choosing a wine, it is important to remember that the most important thing is to get a balanced combination. You need to make sure that the aroma of the wine does not dominate or overwhelm the taste of the sushi, or vice versa.

Consider also the cooking process, the fish used, and special sauces that will further emphasize the taste of your dish and make it difficult to choose a wine.

White wine with sushi

Light and aromatic white wines are considered the most suitable and tasty choice. This is due to their higher acidity, which can be paired with soy, fish, seafood, and other spicy-tasting ingredients.

Young white wines pair perfectly with simple ingredients such as sushi and sashimi.
Avoid overly sweet white wines. They will weaken the taste of sushi.

Red wine with sushi

Red wines are the most difficult to pair with sushi.

Their age and high alcohol content, typical of red wines themselves, can actually interfere by overpowering the taste.

You can choose an option with a light red color and low alcohol content. On the other hand, when making this choice, avoid sweet soy sauce and instead opt for fish with a slightly neutral flavor, such as tuna.

Rose wine with sushi

Rose wines are among the most versatile pairings with sushi, as they are endowed with freshness, clarity, and interesting flavors.
For example, salmon rolls go best with dry rose wine. The color combination is also very interesting.
Exploring the world of sushi opens up many possibilities for finding interesting combinations.
We are sure that with a wide selection of wines and sushi, it is not so difficult to choose combinations.

With love, Sunny Sushi

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